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Cold Laser Treatment

Therapeutic low-level cold laser technology is a proven, Food and Drug Association (FDA)-cleared noninvasive procedure in use for more than 25 years that stimulates tissue for the treatment of acute or chronic spinal/musculoskeletal pain. Specifically, bundles of electrical current/light pass through the dermal layers and are then received within the cell membranes. This activation of increased cellular energy causes an increase in musculoskeletal tissue micro vascular circulation with resultant enhanced tissue regeneration and/or reduction of scar tissue. The effects include decreased acute and/or chronic nerve tissue damage pain and inflammation, as well as increased range of motion. Low-level or cold laser therapy is not typically used as a replacement for conventional approaches, but rather in conjunction with routine treatment options. Low-level or cold laser is administered by a class 2 hand held medical device whereby the doctor has complete control and is able to adjust to a comfort level expressed by the patient. Currently the performance of cold or low-level therapy does not require a license. Therefore, when a chiropractor, or any other healthcare provider, administers cold laser, he is not performing a treatment that he is not licensed to perform.

Cold or low-level laser is entirely different than thermal laser. Thermal laser utilizes high intensity beams of light and is performed to surgically cut tissue. Only a licensed MD or DO can lawfully use thermal laser.

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